The Gods Vs The Reptilians: The War To End All Wars-Book 1

Jack, an ordinary man leading a typical life with his family and a regular job, finds himself thrust into an extraordinary situation. As fate would have it, he becomes a key player in The War To End All Wars, a battle of epic proportions. In a stunning twist, the ancient Greek Gods make a triumphant return to Earth, only to discover that a cunning and clandestine reptilian alien race has seized control of our world. These Reptilians, insidiously infiltrating every influential sphere such as government, banking, and even Hollywood, have ensnared humanity in their web of corruption.

Recognizing the urgent need for action, the Gods deem it vital to vanquish this reptilian menace. Their gaze falls upon Jack, whom they enlist to assemble a formidable resistance force, sparking hope amidst the darkest of times. With the revered Zeus and the council of nine at their helm, the Gods decide to enlist the aid of the formidable Titans as well. While the Reptilians outnumber the resistance, the combined might of Jack’s newfound allies, the Gods and the Titans, instills unwavering determination within the rebel forces. The time has come to rid the Earth of this insidious corruption once and for all—a cleansing of epic proportions is imminent. The stage is set for The War To End All Wars: The Gods versus The Reptilians!

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