Is Jeffrey Epstein Alive?: New Evidence Surfaces

Many believe that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive after reports of a sighting since his death. The sex offender’s body was found in his cell in August 2019 and his death was ruled suicide by hanging.

Epstein guards acknowledge they faked records on night of his death. Why would they do this?

Epstein’s mystery bank becomes active after his death, receiving millions of dollars from his estate. Why would this happen? Maybe because he knew of a plan to fake his death.
Epstein was reportedly upbeat and optimistic during his final hours alive. He also told his Lawyer he would see him soon. Is that normal for someone who wants to kill himself?
Many questions have been raised about his supposed death, and also about what happened that night in his cell. Was he murdered? Or was his death faked, to get him out of there because he knew to much.
New evidence has suffaced that may prove that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive. The evidence is in this book. Judge it for yourself.